Spinalonga – Agios Nikolaos – Elounda

9-11 hours
Bus & Boat
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Spinalonga, Agios Nikolaos, and Elounda are notable locations in Crete, Greece.

Spinalonga is a small island located in the Gulf of Elounda in north-eastern Crete. It has a rich history, including being used as a Venetian fortress in the 16th century and later as a leper colony from 1903 to 1957. The island has remnants of Venetian architecture and abandoned buildings from its time as a leper colony.

Agios Nikolaos is a coastal town on the Gulf of Mirabello in eastern Crete. The town is known for its picturesque lake, Lake Voulismeni, surrounded by shops, cafes, and restaurants. The lake is connected to the sea by a channel. Agios Nikolaos offers a blend of traditional charm and modern amenities.

Elounda is a resort town situated on the Bay of Mirabello, near Agios Nikolaos. It is known for its luxury resorts, beautiful beaches, and the scenic Mirabello Bay. It is a destination favored by those seeking a more exclusive and upscale experience.

When visiting these locations, tourists often combine trips to Spinalonga with the charming towns of Agios Nikolaos and Elounda to experience both historical and contemporary aspects of Crete. The area offers a mix of cultural exploration, beautiful landscapes, and recreational opportunities.



Explore the beauty of Agios Nikolaos, Crete with our guided tour. Discover the charm of this town, visit the historic Spinalonga Fortress, and enjoy a unique experience with a BBQ and swim stop at the scenic bay of Kolokytha. Cruise through the stunning Mirabello Bay, unwind at the crystal-clear waters of Kolokytha Beach, and delve into the rich history of the island of Spinalonga. It’s a comprehensive and delightful tour that captures the essence of Agios Nikolaos and its surroundings.


  • Take a boat ride from Agios Nikolaos through Mirabello Bay
  • Attend a Guided Tour of Spinalonga Island (one of the last leper colonies of the world)
  • Visit the Bay of Kolokytha and swim in its crystal-clear waters
  • Enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch on the beach of Kolokytha
  • Visit Agios Nikolaos and its Lake Voulismeni



  • Transportation in Air-Conditioned bus
  • Professional Driver
  • Tour Guide and guided tour on Spinalonga
  • BBQ Lunch on the beach
  • Boat Tickets for the cruise
  • All the legal taxes
  • Liability insurance coverage by  ALLIANZ

Not Included

  • Entrance Ticket of Spinalonga site: 8€
  • Extra snacks / drinks


Know before you go

We provide pick-up from a variety of locations, including bus stops and hotels. We will get in touch with you as soon as you make the reservation to confirm the precise location and time of the pick-up, which will be closer to the hotel you are staying in.

If required, the excursion operator retains the right to rearrange the schedule in order to better accommodate guests or ensure their safety.

If ordered by the government COVID regulation, passengers must carry and wear face masks when traveling by bus and in indoor areas.

This trip is not suitable for disabled persons.


Full Description

Morning Pick up:

Pick-Up: We will collect the participants from designated pick-up locations in the morning.

The duration of the bus ride will vary based on the location of your hotel or apartment.

Bus Drive: approx. 1 – 1.5 hours

1st stop: Agios Nikolaos

Start your day by arriving in Agios Nikolaos and discover the vibrant town. Enjoy the picturesque views of Lake Voulismeni, which is located in the heart of the town. The boat sails from there and heads for the island of Spinalonga. Relax and enjoy the boat trip to Spinalonga. Admire the coastal views and the crystal-clear waters of the Mirabello Gulf.

Boat Trip: 1 hour

2nd stop: Spinalonga – 1 hour 20 minutes stay

After a boat ride over Mirabello Bay, our group will arrive at the island of Spinalonga. You can expect a guided tour that will provide insights into the island’s fascinating past. Your guide will lead you through the key points of interest on Spinalonga, including the Venetian fortress, the ruins of the leper colony, and other historical sites. You’ll hear stories about the island’s role as a leper colony and its cultural heritage.

Following a 45-minute professionally guided tour, you’ll have some free time to explore on your own. Take the opportunity to capture some memorable moments and appreciate the breathtaking views of the sea, architecture, and natural beauty of Spinalonga. The island offers excellent photo opportunities, from historical structures to panoramic vistas.

Boat Trip: 15 minutes

3rd stop: Kolokytha Bay – 1 hour 30 minutes stay

Enjoy the short boat trip from Spinalonga to the bay of Kolokytha. Take in the coastal scenery as you approach this picturesque destination. Once you arrive, take a moment to appreciate the clear blue waters and the sandy shores of Kolokytha Bay. Dive into the inviting waters of the bay for a refreshing swim. The crystal-clear waters make for an ideal swimming experience.

Enjoy your time at the beach by swimming, tanning, and enjoying a freshly made BBQ meal prepared for your group. You can relish a true seaside dining experience while indulging in the beauty of the location.

Boat Trip: 40 minutes

4th stop: Agios Nikolaos – 1 hour 30 minutes stay

Take advantage of the free time to stroll around this small Cretan town and explore at your leisure. You may sit at a café enjoying the views of the harbor or the lovely lake.

Whether you prefer a leisurely stroll, a café experience, or exploring cultural sites, Agios Nikolaos has something for everyone. Enjoy your time in this Cretan gem!

End of the tour Return to resorts:

After boarding the bus, participants will be transported back to their respective hotels. The duration of the journey will vary depending on traffic and pick-up locations.

Bus Drive: 1 – 1.5 hours


This itinerary provides a mix of historical exploration, seaside relaxation, and culinary experiences.


Here are some additional Tips:


  • Comfortable Footwear:

Wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking.

  • Sun Protection:

Bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses, as the sun can be intense.

  • Swimming Gear:

Pack your swimsuit, a towel, and any snorkeling gear you might want to use.

  • Water:

Bring sufficient water. Staying hydrated is essential, especially during warm weather.

  • Camera:

Don’t forget your camera to capture the stunning landscapes.


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